State Legislation

WMDA/CAR is your legislative advocate in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Delaware. We take your message directly to the politicians who will be voting on any proposed legislation that could affect your businesses.

WMDA/CAR constantly lobbies and testifies in Annapolis, District of Columbia, and Dover on behalf of our members - keeping your voices ringing loud and clear in the ears of the politicians, so you can run your business.


2017 Maryland Legislative Session 

Bill   #  Bill Description Position Outcome
HB1 - SB230 Family leave act- 1hr for every 30 worked, 12 hours or more a week, 40 hours a year. No preemption for Montgomery County Oppose Passed
HB65 -  None Another sick leave bill Oppose Withdrawn
HB66 - None Lead & mercury wheel weight ban. Starts January 1, 2020, supported after Amended - added year to start                                                      Support Passed
HB185 - None Distribution of tobacco to minors ,would have added civil Penalty to criminal, amended civil penalty out of bill, supported after bill amended and duel penalty removed Support Passed
HB229 - SB186 Would ban all polystyrene packing and polystyrene food service containers (coffee cups & take out containers) Oppose Defeated
HB317 - None Preemption bill that would have covered Montgomery County Support Defeated
HB382 - SB305 Governor common sense paid leave, something we could work with, good for employer & employee Support Defeated
HB394 - SB317 Governors Job for Maryland Bill Support Passed
HB398 - SB404 Equal Pay & Restrictions on classifications of employees, how you advertised for employee's, Penalties Oppose Defeated
HB523 - SB119 Would have required current tobacco retailers and wholesalers to acquire another license if they sold vapor products. We had current license holders  written out of bill and would still apply to vapor shops & liquid vapor producers, supported after amended   Support Passed
HB813 - SB438 Bill prohibits lottery and gaming commission from selling lottery online or from any device connected to internet. Our small retail group had this bill   introduced Support  
HB835 - SB777 Lottery agent commission from 51/2 to 6% Support Defeated
HB911 - None Elimination of yearly cost of living index on gasoline Support Defeated
HB1305 - None Minimum wage to $12.50 hour  Oppose Defeated
HB1416 - SB962 Minimum wage to $15.00 hour "Fight for $15.00" Oppose Defeated
HB956 - None Would require attendant if station open Oppose Withdrawn
HB665 - SB607 Bill came from Federal regulation on overtime and classification word for word. Federal was stopped in court. Bad as any bill this year for retailers Oppose Defeated
HB1213 - SB855 Internet sales tax on any purchases, did have a small business exception for hobby sellers. Would have been good for tire sales Support Defeated
HB1614 -  SB1116 Fair scheduling, wages and benefits. Would have to post hours weeks in advance, how you hire, payment to employee to change their schedule. Another insanity bill that will be back next year. Oppose  Defeated
HB1615 -SB1145 Another scheduling bill from people who never had a business. Oppose Defeated

SB669 - None

Cigarette age to 21 & heavy penalties Oppose Defeated
SB847- None Must post highest price of regular gas on street sign Oppose Defeated
HB1143 Pay stub transparency act, lots of owners information on Pay stub and how all hours were calculated Oppose Defeated


2016 Maryland Legislative Session

Bill #     Bill Description Position Outcome
HB0030         Criminal Law - Display of Material Harmful to Minors – Restrictions Oppose Defeated
HB0071/SB0514 Tobacco Taxes - Healthy Maryland Initiative Oppose Defeated
HB0016 Motor Fuel Tax Rates - Consumer Price Index Adjustment - Repeal Support Defeated
HB0139/SB0320  Tobacco Tax - Premium Cigars - Rate Oppose Defeated
HB0190/SB0508  Civil Remedies for Shoplifting and Employee Theft Oppose Defeated
HB0342/SB0277  Motor Fuel Suppliers and Retail Service Station Dealers - Promotion - Sales Support Passed
HB0394 Public Health - Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals - Information & Fund Oppose Defeated
HB0401/SB0994 Labor & Employment - Equal Pay for Equal Work - Revisions Oppose Defeated
HB0547 Letting Emission Stations Inspect Tires, Exterior Lights & Windshield Wipers - Biennial Inspection Oppose Defeated
HB0580/SB0472 Labor & Employment - Maryland Healthy Working Families Act Oppose Defeated
HB0609/SB0650 Prevailing Wage - Basis for Rate Determination - Survey Data Oppose Defeated
HB0675/SB0414 Vehicle Laws - Mechanical Repair Contract Support Passed
HB0728 State Lottery - Licensed Agents - Commissions Support Defeated

Task Force to Study Family & Medical Leave 

Oppose Defeated
HB0775  Criminal Law - Tobacco Products - Minimum Age Oppose Defeated
HB0861  Electronic Smoking Devices - Regulation and Taxation Oppose Defeated
HB0862/SB0367 Maryland Redeemable Beverage Container Recycling Refund and Litter Reduction Act Oppose Defeated
HB0872/SB1016 Maryland Wage Payment & Collection Law - Awards of Certain Fees and Costs and Prohibition Against Retaliation Oppose Defeated
HB1003/SB0481  Labor & Employment - Equal Pay for Equal Work Oppose Passed
HB1004  Equal Pay Commission - Establishment Oppose Passed
HB1038  Labor & Employment - Labor Organizations - Right to Work Support Defeated
HB1175/SB0664  Fair Scheduling, Wages, and Benefits Act Oppose Defeated
HB1236/SB0969  Vehicle Equipment - Counterfeit & Nonfunctioning Airbags - Prohibitions Support Passed
HB1372/SB0940 Labor & Employment - Payment of Wages - Minimum Wage & Repeal of Tip Credit (Fight for Fifteen) Oppose Defeated
HB1478 Employment Discrimination - Sexual Harrassment - Definition of Employer  Oppose Defeated
HB1485 Other Tobacco Products - Local Laws for Sale & Distribution Oppose Defeated
HB1504  Distribution of Tobacco Products to Minors - Prohibition & Enforcement Oppose Defeated
SB0114 Prohibition on Distribution of Tobacco Products & Electronic Smoking Devices to Minors - Civil Enforcement  Oppose Defeated
SB0361  Civil Actions - Hydraulic Fracturing Liability Act Oppose Defeated
SB0602/HB1498  Maryland Healthy Vending Machine Act Oppose Defeated
SB0623/HB0197 Maryland Pay Stub Transparancy Act of 2016 Oppose Defeated
SB0658 Retail Business Owners - ATM's - Notice of Skimming Device  Oppose Defeated
SB0732 Elimination of Civil Penalties for Shoplifting & Employee Theft Oppose Defeated
SB0993/HB0343 Procurement - Equal Pay Certificates - Requirement Oppose Defeated


2015 Maryland Legislative Session

Bill # Bill Description Position Outcome
SB-40 Sick & Safe leave, 1 hour for every 30 worked, part & full
time, severe penalties with rebuttable presumption, 18
pages of employer requirements/over 9 employees
Oppose Defeated
SB-10 Repeal index on motor fuel Support Defeated
HB-4 Minimum wage of $10.10 per hour now - not 2018 Oppose Defeated
HB-108 Raise cigarette tax to $3.00 pack, double other
tobacco taxes
Oppose Defeated
HB-528 Redundant payroll record requirements. Written notice
to employee how pay was calculated in their native
language, employer info, up to $2500 fines
Oppose Defeated
SB-36 Rain tax repeal Support Defeated
SB-42 Rain tax repeal Support Defeated
SB-527 Fair employment act would hold employer responsible
for harassment or Quid Pro Quo (something for
something) of 1 employee to another even if employer
is not negligent in his actions when reported.
Oppose Defeated
HB-481 Rain tax repeal Support Defeated
HB-483 Repeal index on motor fuel Support Defeated
HB-484 Highway user fund restoration - restore monies to
counties & city for repair
Support Defeated
HB-939 Committee will study impact on small business of
proposed regulation
Support Passed
SB-693 Ambient air cumulative impact - would stop new
construction and rebuilds on service stations without
a 1 year study of air quality. Intended for industrial sites
but the way written would include lots of businesses.
Applicant pays.
Oppose Defeated

Redeemable beverage container - would create a private
business to collect beverage containers of all kinds,
charge business that did not have room for redemption
center an unspecified fee and pay the gov't a fee. Unworkable!

Oppose Defeated
HB-969 Fair scheduling act - Must make employee schedule 21
day in advance, written permission from employee for
overtime. 1 hour "predicablity pay" for schedule change.
Confusing & contradictory, heavy penalities, lawyer bill
Oppose Defeated
HB-985 Family medical leave & insurance act - would cost
employers over $500 million a year. State would hire
600 employees to administer program and cost the
state $100 million the 1st year, employee would be
entitles to 12 weeks leave a year to look after anyone they
are close to, even if that's in another country and the
employer & the state would split the cost of the pay while
they are gone. The state would charge employers a
percentage of payroll. Paid 12 weeks vacation is what this amounted to!
Oppose Defeated
HB-1027 Overwork protection act - Another bill to tell small
business how to manage employees hours. Get written
permission for overtime and I could go on. Heavy
penalties another lawyer's bill
Oppose Defeated
SB-863 Rain tax modification bill, far from repeal but better, no
mandate to county
Support Passed
HB-1096 Exemption to weights & measure standards for a Bio-Deisel
co-op that wants to cater to commercial accounts
Oppose Withdrawn
HB-524 Historic & street rod single tag - Street rod amended out
 - better than nothing
Support Defeated
HB-385 Companion to SB-40 Oppose Defeated
SB-37 Companion to HB-108 Oppose Defeated
HB-874 Companion to SB-42 Support Defeated
HB-42 Companion to SB-527 Oppose Defeated
SB-588 Companion to HB-481 Support Defeated
SB-589 Companion to HB-483 Support Defeated
SB-591 Companion to HB-484 Support Defeated
SB-775 Companion to HB-939 Support Passed
HB-987 Companion to SB-693 Oppose Defeated
HB-982 Companion to SB-684 Oppose Defeated
SB-688 Companion to HB-969 Oppose Defeated
SB-7 Electronic cigs, Supported, with amendments Support Passed


2014 Maryland Legislative Session

Bill # Bill Description Position Outcome
SB-65 Video Camera Required at all Maryland Stations Oppose Defeated
HB-276 Estate Tax - Qualified family owned business exclusion Support Defeated
HB-54 Downward adjustment fuel tax - go back to old base & index Support Defeated
HB-246 MD state inspection certificate - electronic certificate  Support  Passed 
SB-5  Storm Water Management - downward adjustment on rain tax  Support  Defeated 
HB-739  Maryland estate tax unified credit - alter size of estate for return  Support  Passed 
SB-360  Hydraulic Fracturing Ban - restrict drilling in Western MD  Oppose  Defeated 
HB-72  State Minimum Wage to automatic $12.50 per hour  Oppose  Defeated 
HB-187  Minimum Wage - similar to HB-295 but more "legal" talk  Oppose  Defeated 
HB-295  Governor's Minimum Wage (index removed + 2 years & training wage)  Oppose  Passed 
HB-374  Training Wage set by counties (amended into HB-295)  Oppose  Defeated 
HB-580  Sales of Tires - a new tire not sold after 3 years would be "used"  Oppose  Defeated 
SB-166  Minimum Wage by County - let counties set wage  Oppose  Defeated 
SB-696  Minimum Wage - to $8.25  Support  Defeated 
SB-371  Minimum Wage - Sen. Currie's version of HB-295  Oppose  Defeated 
HB-677  Emissions - let drivers that fail test retake at tailpipe  Oppose  Defeated 
HB-968  Earned Sick Leave - 1 hr. for every 30 hours worked, full or part time  Oppose Defeated 
HB-527  Earned Sick Leave - different version, stiff penalties  Oppose  Defeated 
SB-753  Earned Sick Leave - yet another version, also stiff penalties  Oppose  Defeated 
SB-394  Container Recycling - with lots of rules and regs/ 5 cents per container  Oppose  Defeated 
HB-949  Training Wage - (ended up amended into HB-295)  Support Defeated
SB-172  Budget/Reconciliation - take 1/2 away from lottery agents pay
(*amended to stay at 5 1/2 %) 
Support  Passed 
SB-631  Retail Service Station Setback on new stations in some locations  Support  Defeated 
SB-374  On line lottery study would delay any online lottery until study complete
and reported to legislators 
Support  Passed 
SB-409  Food Allergy Bill would require all employees be trained in food
allergies present when business open (*amended to exclude c-stores
and service stations) 
Neutral  Sent to
5 tobacco bills (out of 10 original bills) that we testified on, including
21 or older to buy or possess tobacco products, 2 bills on packaged
cigars, 2 bills to raise taxes on tobacco products by at least $1 per
Oppose  All
HB1273  Energy Drink Bill - must be 21 to buy or possess an energy drink -
stiff penalties for even possessing 
Oppose  Defeated 
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Kirk McCauley
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